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Gayborhood Salon Provides Makeovers For Job-Readiness




Three women last month received makeovers at a Gayborhood salon to boost their confidence in the workplace.

To celebrate 10 years in business, Andre Richard Salon partnered with Career Wardrobeto offer hair and makeup services to the latter’s clients. Career Wardrobe is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides professional-development programs as well as clothing at no cost via referral or for a small fee. The organization assists in boosting individuals’ confidence during their job search.

Drea Richard, owner of Andre Richard Salon, said the point of these makeovers was to make the women “look good and feel good. 

“Not everyone knows how good they can look because they may not know how to do it and then once they get them there, they open up,” said Richard, who is trans.

Richard noted that the three women “lit up” after receiving their makeovers.

“The girls have been through a lot and the makeovers really kind of boosted them up and Career Wardrobe is amazing. They are really helping them.”

In addition to providing the space for the makeovers, Andre Richard Salon also donated 20 percent of proceeds from the salon’s blowout services to Career Wardrobe throughout December. The final donation amount was not available by presstime.

Jackie Schrauger, Career Wardrobe’s program director, said most of the organization’s clients are single moms who “don’t really get a chance to focus on themselves.”

“Taking time to go to a salon and spend money and time there on themselves instead of on their children is often something that they don’t get to do. It was really exciting that someone extended that kind of service to our clients and gave them that chance to feel special.”

The three clients — Nicole Brinson, Melissa McDermott and Tyiraeen Propst-Heath — were not available for comment but Schrauger said she thinks the makeovers on Dec. 19 “helped immensely.” 

“From knowing these three clients pretty well, they have definitely faced some adversity in their lives — whether it’s personal or struggling to find a job that’s a good fit with a family-sustaining wage. I think having someone take the time to make them feel beautiful and focus on themselves for a little while instead of worrying about their kids or other things like that, I think was a huge boost.

“If you’ve ever gotten your hair done or gotten a really great new outfit, you leave feeling like a new person. I think all of them definitely got a boost of feeling a little more polished, a little more professional while feeling like they’ve been fussed over for a little while. All of those things definitely go a long way toward making someone feel a lot more confident and ready to get back out there.” 

Almost a month after the makeover, the women are starting to see results. Schrauger said one of the clients is continuing to attend job-fair readiness workshops at Career Wardrobe and is continuing to network at various fairs.

Additionally, Career Wardrobe ultimately hired McDermott as a sales assistant. 

“She’s part-time for now but hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to expand her hours. She certainly was confident in her interview with us,” Schrauger said. “I think having a boost from having had a makeover and a positive experience with us definitely gave her the confidence to help nail that job interview.” 


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Grooming Bar and Mens Barbering at Andre Richard Salon



Please join us at our Grooming Bar for a  FREE NECK TRIM

Just enter GROOM in the special code box at checkout. Make sure you schedule it under Neck Trim service for it to work.


Offer is good until February 28th.


There is a little more happening then just hair color and blowouts @phillysalon. We have specialized in men's hair for quite some time. Now our barbering haircut doesn't have a gender specific title like Mens Haircut. In Philadelphia it really doesn't need to be gender specific. But barbering techniques, if from a barber or not are still classic techniques that we have mastered.

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Exclusively at ARS LAB 



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Meet Master Stylist and Salon Owner, Dréa Richard



Q. What is your name?

A. Dréa Richard

Q. Stylist Level?

A. Master Stylist, Makeup Artist, Owner

 Q. Describe your style in 3 words.

A. Fun, Comfortable, I like to dress to create my mood


Q. Describe your first hair memory?

A. I was probably 6 years old and I saw the movie Grease. I loved the guys hair so much that I went into the bathroom and used a jar of vaseline to "Grease" my hair. I succeeded and copied the styles. Getting the vaseline out of my hair was a different story.


Q. How did you get your start in the beauty Industry?

A. After beauty school I worked at a $10 walk in salon on South Street. The first salon service I did was a red mohawk.

Q. What's your approach before you first start cutting or coloring someone?

A. I want to know who they are. Their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes about their hair and their look. What has worked for them in the past and how far they want to go with maintaining what we do to their hair.

Q. What's the most fun part of your job?

A. Results. Watching a client light up and love how they look. We all want to feel good. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. The other side of my job is growing and maintaining a team of stylist. Setting goals, creating education programs and watching their dreams come true is very rewarding. 

Q. Most challenging?

A. I am my own worst critic, It is a constant journey to learn and conquer ones weakness in the industry. Remaining open minded to learning and growing is sometimes a challenge

Q. Favorite Food?

A. Carbs! lol

Q. Favorite Super Hero?

A. Wonder Woman!



Book An Appointment with Dréa

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New Year New You!

New Year, New You!


We Want To Reward You For Being A Great Client!  

Book Online with special code NEWYOU2018 and receive 20% off of your next visit! offer unil 2/28/2018.  

no combinations of gifts or specials


or call us at 215.735.1590


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20 Best Hair Salons In Philadelphia


André Richard Salon

Best Hair Salons
in  Philadelphia

André Richard Salon is a full-service salon based in Philadelphia. The staff can do everything, including men and women's haircuts, color, Keratin treatment, hair extensions, and wedding styling. The owner of André Richard Salon, Dréa Richard Baldini has over two decades of experience in the industry and is available for appointments.

Philadelphia, PA (215) 735-1590


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Client Information Sheet

*  )  - 

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Barbering Workshop with Joey V at Andre Richard Salon Philadelphia

b2ap3 large mens hair philadelphia

Joey showed the ARS team some tricks of the trade where it deals with barbering techniques. From gender neutral folk to men and women alike they all qualify for the old school barbering methods. Maybe its a bald fade, undercut, brow trim or a good old fashion mohawk these techniques will eventually apply to the every day person on some level.  You may not need a mohawk but a balanced haircut is a must!

large mens shave philadelphia

The team rallied around and observed while asking questions about the tools of the trade and when to use them. 


From trimming the top, fading, and carving in that temporpary part Joey covered all the bases!

mens hair philadelphia

mens part barber philadelphia mens barbering tools philadelphi 20171221 182319 1

We also talked about mens hair care, too.  Mens fashion and hair care are not a lost art and we know it.  

mens hair care philadelphia

Did you know that Redken released Redken Brews

this week? Don't miss this or you'll be sorry! 

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Organization giving the gift of confidence with makeovers


http www.fox29.comnewslocal newsorganization giving the gift of confidence with makeovers 

- A local organization is giving back with the gift of confidence by providing makeovers to people in need of a confidence boost.

Before we could even ask the first question it was clear that talking about overcoming obstacles during the holidays was going to be hard for Nicole Brinson.

“I had my three kids which my husband wanted, we’ve been together since I was ten years old, only person I was ever with.  When I was 27 he passed away from an asthma attack when he was 28,” Nicole explained.

“I suffered from addiction trying to numb my pain, I also felt like I wasn’t worth nothing so I didn’t want to be here.  I thought my kids were better off with somebody else,” she added.

But, Nicole found people who cared about her.  She worked with Career Wardrobe who helps with job training and professional clothing and this holiday season, things are getting better.

So what do you give someone who’s had a rough year, worked hard to overcome and looking to start 2018 on a positive note? Drea Richard of Andre Richard salon says maybe you give them hope.

“I’m doing it because this is the best way I know how to give back.  Giving the gift of beauty,” Drea explained.

Drea and her Salon decided to give makeovers today to Melissa, Tyiraeen and Nicole.  They all worked closely with Career Wardrobe and are all now ready to pursue a career. And what do you need to start that career or ace that job interview?

 All of the recipients said confidence goes a long way.

Everyone’s story wasn’t as tragic as Nicole’s.  Tyireaan wants to start a business and needed an edge, Melissa just wants some stability.  But as superficial as it may seem to some, you could see the transformation they went through in just a few hours.

Drea said your appearance can change everything.

“You kind of clean some of the clutter out of the way and you get to see who you really are,” Drea said.

The before and after pics were startling and the positive feelings of all of the young women put a smile on everyone’s face.

Drea Richard and Career Wardrobe in some small way helped these three women on their way with the gift of confidence, For Goodness Sake. 

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Ammonia Free Hair Color at Philly's Best Salon For Hair Color



You’ve heard of calcium to fortify your bones and exercise to fortify your muscles…but what are you doing to keep your hair strong and healthy? Introducing new Chromatics—this revolutionary professional haircolor fortifies every strand giving you shinier, healthier-looking hair and amazing color after just one salon visit. Read on to learn why you should choose a Chromatics color service—then talk to your stylist about booking your appointment today!



Breakthrough formula features protein extracts that penetrate deep into every strand, leaving hair 2X fortified vs. uncolored hair.


Say goodbye to that typical salon haircolor smell. The revolutionary Zero Ammonia formula means no odor, no discomfort—just amazing color.

3. 100% COVERAGE

Your stylist can cover gray flawlessly while leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified.


Hair is infused with long-lasting color that’s radiant and multi-dimensional—never dull or flat.


Chromatics features an incredible range of shades including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes, so your stylist can custom blend a Chromatics color that’s perfect for you.


Kate - Master Stylist and Redken Artist shows examples of Chromatics

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