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What Are The Differences Between Root Taps and Color Melts?

Melted hair Color by Morgan, blonde hair specialist At Andre Richard Salon

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An experienced hair colorist can immediately explain the difference between a root tap and color melt. If you find these 2 topics confusing please continue reading. “Lived in” hair is a real thing in current hair trends and techniques to achieve the right look are often confused. Root tapping gives new meaning to "get my roots done". 

The technique blends in highlights and balayage at the root line to give a natural grow in or “rooted look” so when your natural hair begins to grow in everything then remains blended. Color melting is a technique that is used to blend highlights or balayage into the root color to create a gradual transition and subtler lines of demarcation. Usually 3 or more colors are overlapped to blend the shades and any lines. The color melt should be seamless! Color melts can be done with any color, the hair colors don’t even need to be natural colors. Bring on the fashion shades and let's melt!

Questions Answered About Root Taps and Color Melting:

  • Is a root tap the same as a color melt?

  • Why is a root tap confused with a color melt?

  • What is a color melt?

  • What is a root tap? 

  • When would a hair colorist use a root tap? 

  • When would a hair colorist use a color melt? 

  • Do color melts need to be done with natural looking hair colors? 

 If we didn't answer your question please send us a message and we will always be happy to answer questions! 

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