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Scalp Analysis with a Calliscope: What You Need to Know


Scalp Analysis with a Calliscope: What You Need to Know

Scalp Analysis with a Calliscope: What You Need to Know

When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, the health of your scalp is just as important as the hair itself. At Andre Richard Salon in Philadelphia, we offer scalp analysis with a calliscope to help identify any scalp issues that may be affecting the health of your hair.

What is a calliscope?

It's a handheld tool that magnifies the scalp to detect any problems such as excessive oil, dryness, flakiness, redness, or irritation. Our experienced stylists use the calliscope to identify and analyze any issues present in the scalp.

Why is scalp analysis important?

Understanding the health of your scalp is crucial for maintaining healthy hair. By identifying any underlying issues, we can recommend the appropriate treatments and products to improve your scalp's health and promote stronger, healthier hair.

How is the calliscope used?

During a scalp analysis, our stylists will use the calliscope to take a closer look at your scalp. They will examine various areas, noting any issues or concerns. Based on their findings, they will recommend the best course of action to address any problems and improve your scalp's overall health.


Scalp analysis with a calliscope is an essential step in ensuring the health of your hair. By identifying and addressing any scalp concerns, we can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful hair you deserve. To schedule a scalp analysis appointment at Andre Richard Salon, contact us today.

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