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Hair Extensions at André Richard Hair Salon Philadelphia

Hair Extensions at André Richard Hair Salon Philadelphia 

We are trained and certified hair extension specialists at André Richard Salon. We offer tape extensions as well as micro link extensions. See below


Hair Extensions at André Richard Hair Salon Philadelphia

Ava has over 2 decades of professional salon experience that ranges from hair cutting, coloring, styling, and extensions. A world trained stylist from haircutting at Vidal Sassoon in London to NYC for Devacurl certification. It does not stop there! She is also a hair colorist who trained with Beth Minardi, Goldwell, Farouk Systems (CHI), Aveda and Redken. Ava also specializes in hair extensions like Great Length, micro links, hand-tied, and sewn in extensions. We are thrilled to have her on the ARS team.

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  • Pricing for deposit depends on packs of hair needed for the application
  • Hair can range from $150 to $280 per pack depending on length and texture
  • The application can take 2 to 4 hours depending on your hair and the desired length and thickness of the finished look.
  • Application is usually $500+ (not including the hair)
  • Should be removed in 6 to 10 weeks, shampooed/conditioned  by a certified HotHeads Stylist and reinstalled
  • Same hair can be used up to 4 times before new hair is required


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  • Hair is about $100 per pack/bundle. The amount of packs needed depends on desired result.
  • Price could range $450 to $900 and up (not including the hair)
  • At least 5 packs for a full head. Could be more
  • Lasts up to one year when properly cared for
  • 6 weeks maintenance is required for proper upkeep.
  • Maintenance starts at $90 an hour

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