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See what the best hair salon in Philadelphia has to say about beauty, experts in the field, lifestyle, haircuts, hair color, balayage and what is best for your look!

Blonde hair ranges from pale blonde to "dirty" blonde. Warm to cool. We understand the variety and offer professional hair coloring systems to get you exactly where you want to be. Being blonde hair specialists is not a term we use lightly. 

Blonde Rinse Repeat!


Check out this platinum blonde bob retouch with Morgan!

Kendra stopped by the salon today to have her roots and haircut touched up 5 weeks after her first blonding session. Morgan used Blondor hair lightener and Shades EQ gloss to perfect this pale, icy blonde look. Bleach was applied to regrowth only then toned to reach the desired blonde hair color.

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Hairstylists In Philadelphia Spring 2022 Roundup


Take a look at our Spring 2022 Roundup

We have posted some examples of the many hair services we do at Andre Richard Salon In Philadelphia. 

These videos show an array of hair service. Blonde hair experts, master hair stylists, hair and makeup for formal events and 2 different hair extension methods. 

Blonde Hair Color Specialists 

Master Hair Stylists

Hair and Makeup For Special Events

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Dreamcatchers Itip Hair Extensions

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Blonde Hair Specialists in Philadelphia



André Richard Salon in Philadelphia is known for real blonde ambition! From double-process platinum ice to balayage softness or hair color corrections the best hair salon in Philadelphia has it covered. Non Binary, Men, Women all get to play!

blonde hair specialists in philadelphia

 Who can have hair color? 

What kind of hair color is right for me? 

Who is known for great blondes and hair color?

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Check Out Some Of Our Blonding Work




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Balayage Blonde Hair In Philadelphia

Blonde Specialist

Balayage Blonde Hair In Philadelphia

hair lightener Philadelphia

 What does it mean to be a blonde specialist you ask and who does blonde hair in Philadelphia? True blonde specialists perform the highest level of color work. It requires vast knowledge of color theory and science. Crafting blond is an art that requires consistent, skillful execution. Blonde work is what we call color work that involves lightening techniques and formulas. 

André Richard hair stylists have extensive training in blonding techniques of all kinds. Schedule a consultation and find out what we can do for your desired look!





Balayage with Other Blonde Hair Techniques and Methods

Take a look at some hair inspiration for blonde hair below. Don't foget to follow the Blonde Hair Specialists portion of our blog to see more of what we do at Andre Richard Salon!

 Are You Ready to Book A Full Service For Blonde Hair?

If you do not have a hair correction issue we are ready to do your blonde hair without needing a consultation! 

What is a color correction you ask? See the Hair Color Correction section of our blog.

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Handtied Hair Extensions and Fun Hair Color With Ava


 Blonde Hair with Pink and Hand Tied Hair Extensions with Ava

Fun hair color is not the only magic you can expect at Andre Richard Salon. Handtied hair extensions are here to stay and Ava has mastered the technique! This photo shows blonde highlights with Wella Blondor, then target shade (pink) was added using Pulp Riot hair color. The extensions came in the same blonde color then Pulp Riot was added to the hair extensions to match her hair and the extensions were handtied in for a secure and lasting (extensions move up in 6 weeks MAX). 

pink blonde hair extensionsHotheads Hair Extensions have a wonderful handtied weft that we feel lay better than the machine tied wefts. Need a consult with Ava?  Go To Hair Extensions Menu

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We love Olaplex!

Olaplex in Philadelphia

We love Olaplex at Andre Richard Salon. Why do we love it? Simply put, it works! Olaplex saves the hair from the damage that can happen from applying chemicals to the hair. Especially when blonding with bleach. No8_100ml_wLid_2000x2000_300dpi_Front_cmyk_d9605897-14f4-4009-b7e8-6dd329eb5ed1_1440x.jpg



What does Olaplex do?

Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds.

These bonds give the hair its structure, strength and stability. When disulfide bonds are broken, it results in damage. 

OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with our patented single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

Once all the bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair.

At André Richard Salon we value the integrity of your hair. Olapex offers much more than meets the eye and we want to show you! Add to blonding services and also as a stand alone treatment for basic management or go deep and actually repair that hair strand! 

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Philly Salon Blondes!

We have worked hard to perfect salon training, expert world training and basic experience to be blonde hair specialists in our Philly Salon.


André Richard Salon aka Philly Salon has built the most incredible team of blonde hair experts. 

Do you wonder what blonding REALLY means? Have you ever gone to a salon and said "I want blonde hair" and the stylist just runs away to mix, apply, reveal and its still brown, or orange, or as WE say Blorange or just not what you wanted? We are the best of Philly salons for a reason. 

Philly Blonde

This team will consult with you and work together to build the hair of your dreams. What is the difference between this and a basic blonde hair experience at a salon? Take a look... 

  • Consult Required

  • Master stylists working together to build your dream get the advice of 1 to 4 experts.  

Book A Philly Salon Blonde Consult Now

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Andre Richard Salon Stylists Roundup!


Well in my honest opinion André Richard Salon DOES have the best hairstylists in Philadelphia. Take a look and feel free to hit us up on Instagram @phillysalon

Here’s The Deal:
André Richard Salon has owned by Dréa Richard and takes pride in building the best team of professionals. It is the number one salon for men and women with award-winning experts. The salon is located in the heart of Philadelphia with a fun and friendly vibe. ARS has uniquely trained stylists who love what they do with an on-site owner with 20 years of experience in beauty services featured in fashion, television, films, and more. The stylists are professional and friendly with their customers and offer fantastic haircuts and styles at an affordable price."

Balayage, Blow Out Bar, Men's and Women's Cutting and Coloring, Pintura, Single and Double Process, Bridal Services, Highlights, Texturizing, Ombre, Keratin Treatments, Toner/Glaze, Blow-Out, Hair Extensions, Makeup Application, Phyto Scalp Detox, Make-Up, Full Highlight/Lowlight, Relaxers, Conditioner & Style

Book Your Service at Andre Richard Salon Here 

 Check Out Some Of The Best Hair Stylists In Philadelphia

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Model Call For Our Blonding Event!



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Hair Color and Haircuts in Philly

Hair color and haircuts in Philadelphia

Hair Color and Haircuts in Philly

Hair color and hair cuts in Philly. We are loving Old City Philadelphia. Of course we still love giving the best hair color and haircuts to the best Philadelphia salon clients and visitors!  Book Online

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Morgan - Master Stylist #Repost @morgan_km88 (@get_repost) ・・・ |[ SWOOOOON 🤤]| •• •• •• •• •• This beautiful client of mine wanted some gray coverage and to have her natural hair color be enhanced rather than go lighter and lighter. A little less maintenance than what we previously had going on. HAIRCUT BY :: @hairbyjosephanthony LIFTED :: @wellahair [[blondor powder lighter]] TONES:: @redken [[cover fusion]]••[[shades eq gloss]] •• <<all formulas will be posted on next post >> TOOLS:: @framar [[brushes]] @prettylittleombre [[melt brush]] #phillybesthair #phillyhair #philly #phillyhaircraft #mastersofbalayage #bestofbalayage #balayageombre #balayagist #citiesbesthairartists #auburnhair #shadeseq #haircolor #redken #framar #phillysalon

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phillysalon's profile picture phillysalon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hairbyjosephanthony's profile picture Liked by hairbyjosephanthony and 2 others phillysalon Bridal, formal or just because! Hair by Joe - Stylist #bridal #phillywedding #phillyblogger #eventhair OCTOBER 28 Photo

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Morgan - Master Stylist-Hair Color-Expert-Hair Color Specialist-Philadelphia


Morgan has taken advanced training with Redken, Wella, and Kenra hair color and cutting techniques. Along with advanced training in all modern trends for hair color, cutting and makeup application. Morgan has had the opportunity to take part in photo shoots with Inspire Hair Books and has had the opportunity to do hair and makeup for a handful of local runway shows. A perfectionist with her work she strives to make every client feel and look the best they can when leaving her chair! She is absolutely a master stylist, specialist and hair color expert. Morgan has successfully completed the ARS intensive training program for hair color and cutting techniques. Book Online With Morgan or Call 215.735.1590 or head right to her Instagram Page!

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Blonde Specialists In Philadelphia


Blonde Specialists In Philadelphia

Our commitment to education at André Richard Hair Salon and providing excellent service to our clients is #1.  

Ryan Rodgers - Master Stylist @phillysalon gave us a detailed class on the lightening systems offered by Redken and at ARS along with some foil highlighting techniques.  Ryan is a Redken Artist.

That means when he is not with us creating magic behind the chair at ARS he is visiting salons in the tri-state area teaching Redken hair color and products to industry professionals. 

Some team members of ARS gathered on a Sunday evening bringing their talent and questions to a foil blonding workshop. 

The team broke into groups with specific assignments to gather information about their topic of blonding. Powder, oil, and cream lighteners are all a part of Redken and André Richard Salon's hair bleaching and hair lifting tools. 

After each group gathered and researched they presented the facts they pulled from the Redken guide book. 


Then we applied the color in an assigned highlighting pattern that Ryan gave them. 

In the end we were able to present questions and answers to be properly armed with what type of lightening product we will use and the foil pattern best suited for YOU the best client for the best hair salon in Philadelphia!


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Take A Look At Our Philadelphia Blonde Hair Round Up!

best blonde hair philadelphia


Ryan - Senior Stylist @phillysalon @phillybesthair

A photo posted by Andre Richard Salon (@phillysalon) on


Anastasia - Senior Stylist took this box hair color to gorgeous blonde. #phillybesthair #redkenofficial #blondehair #philly

A photo posted by Andre Richard Salon (@phillysalon) on


Joey V-Senior Stylist rocked a subtle balayage.

A photo posted by Andre Richard Salon (@phillysalon) on

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Philadelphia Hair Salons and Hair Color Correction

Philadelphia Hair Salons and Hair Color Correction


Hair color corrections are not for the stylist who is the faint of heart. Same goes for the person who needs the hair color correction. They take lots of time and can not be rushed. After all a correction is not a basic hair color service, they are carefully calculated and sometimes the desired result is not achieved in one visit. Sometimes a correction can take one process and sometimes they take several processes. Hair color corrections should always have a detailed consultation. Usually they are charged by the number of processes that it takes to obtain the desired result. The client should be prepared to disclose all the previous processing so the stylist can be fully equipped with the proper knowledge to perform the service successfully. 

hair salons in Philadelphia




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Blonde Hair Specialists at Andre Richard Hair Salon

Blonde Hair Specialists at Andre Richard Hair Salon





A requirement to be a hair stylist at André Richard Salon is to participate in all education workshops held at the salon. We pride ourselves in being voted best salon for hair color and will stand by our work 100%. 





This week we had Redken Educators Ryan Morgan and Ryan Rodgers in the salon to cover advanced blonding services in the Redken lightner family.


We discussed highlift blonding cream, base breaking, timing and lifting capacity of their powder lightners, how to use the blue oil lightening systems (no more orange!), and most importantly how to choose what product to reach the ultimate blonde goal.


 We are still  ahead of the blonde game in Philly. Wanna play? 

Schedule Online








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ARS x Redken Color Jam


Last week, André Richard Salon and Redken teamed up for another awesome "Color Jam" workshop featuring the world famous Redken color lines and our legendary stylists.

Lead by Redken's paltform artist Chuck Poupard and his awesome assistant Beth, ARS stylists were re-introduced to the seasons hottest trends and state-of-the-art coloring techniques.

Stylists Erin, Anastasiia, Karla, Charlie, and Lisa had so much fun teaming up with Erin, Keri, Eric, and Chad to work their magic on models Erica and Kristen from our model call list. Also in attendance "Philly Gay Lawyer" Angela Giampolo, and Ashley Conde from Tierney Group along side Nikki Khanna from The Hive. Philadelphia Style Magazine assistant editor Jessica Green was also there, and rocked a balayage served up by Master Stylist Rachid.

ARS Stylist Assistants Sophie and Brittany also made it to the festivities. Scroll through the below gallery for a look at the event and don't forget to subscribe to our Model Call mailing list so that you can be a part of the next one...


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Blonde Hair Specialists In Philadelphia

The stylists at André Richard Salon not only specialize in blonde hair color they also specialize in continuing education to stay on trend. These top stylists in Philadelphia also pay close attention to the classic blonding techniques for timeless looks!


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  Blonde hair color specialistblonde highlights philadelphia Blonde Hair Philadelphia SpecialistsBlonde Hair Philadelphia  BLonde Hair Speicialists In Philadelphia SingleProcess Balayage Haircut Best Salon in Philadelphia Andre Richard SalonPartial Balayage Andre Richard Saoln Best Salon

Philadelphia Salon Ombre Andre Richard SalonBalayage Womans Cut Andre Richard Salon Color Transformeation Double Process and Womens Haircut Best Salon in Philly Womens Haircut Andre Richard Salon

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