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See what the best hair salon in Philadelphia has to say about beauty, experts in the field, lifestyle, haircuts, hair color, balayage and what is best for your look!
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Read Full Article Recently I ran into a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in more than a year. I as
The trans community in the US is under attack, with 4x more anti-trans bills proposed in 2021 than i
    The ARS and Sharon So rallied together to get to the basics of haircutting. Sharon is
  Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds. These bonds give the hair its structure, stren
DevaCurl MISSION STATEMENT Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life.
We have worked hard to perfect salon training, expert world training and basic experience to be blon
  14 years and still on top! Check Us Out On FYI Philly   Where did the time go? Andre Ric
  Booking multiple services just became that much easier at André Richard Salon. Using t
Sneak in a holiday gift with a few easy steps!     Step 1 Build your gift card and th
Online Holiday Gift Card Sale at André Richard Salon !   Nov 30 – Dec 30   10
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It is safe to say that André Richard Salon has collected the best extension systems in the wo