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Meet Master Stylist and Salon Owner, Dréa Richard


Meet Master Stylist and Salon Owner, Dréa Richard

Dréa Richard

Stylist Level

Master Stylist, Makeup Artist, Owner

Style in 3 Words

Fun, Comfortable, Creative

First Hair Memory

Copying the hairstyles from the movie Grease with a jar of vaseline at age 6

Start in the Beauty Industry

Worked at a $10 walk-in salon on South Street after beauty school

Approach to Cutting/Coloring

Understand the client's lifestyle, preferences, and hair history to create a customized look that fits their needs

Most Fun Part of the Job

Seeing the client's happiness and satisfaction with their new look; helping other stylists achieve their goals

Most Challenging Part of the Job

Continually learning and growing as a stylist, overcoming self-doubt

Favorite Food


Favorite Superhero

Wonder Woman!

1503 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 735-1590


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